Top Tips when Cooking with Induction Cookware

Top Tips when Cooking with Induction Cookware

Restaurants and home kitchens are making induction cookware the cookware of the future. This cookware that is generated by the induction cook top is reactive to the magnetic fields so that it heats up from the electromagnetic field. These cooking surfaces are easier to clean and don’t have heating elements that you can get burned on. Instead of the area that is under the pan heating up, with induction cook tops the pan heats directly. They can be cost effective costing less than ovens or gas stoves as well as extremely safe. This type of cookware needs a flat bottom with all the cookware being magnetic. The cookware that is used on these induction ranges are made from materials that are magnetic with iron being one of the materials in them that helps transferring the heat to the food. Some of the regular pots and pans can’t be used on induction cook tops. Today some of the manufactures offer induction ready cookware that are made from glass, copper and aluminum.

Features of the Induction Cookware Sets

  • Quality and durability
  • Base has aluminum core and stainless steel
  • Handle engrossed in cast stainless steel
  • Lids made of stainless steel
  • Some are safe for dishwasher use, oven and some are suitable for all stoves
There are a lot of Induction cooktop cookware sets on the market. Some of the most popular are Calphalon, Magefesa, Faberware, Cuisinart and more. The non-stick cookware has to be hand washed but Celaphalon has come out with a set that can go in the dishwasher.

Advantages of Using Induction Cookware

  • When induction is used with the Induction stove cookware, the stove remains cool to the touch while the pans heat evenly. This is a big safety plus if you have small curious children in the house.
  • You will save electricity because the pots and pans heat almost instantly saving money and time.
  • All the things you do with regular pots and pans you can do with anodized cookware and they have special items like woks, saute pans, stock pots, and braising pans.
  • Since induction stoves are easier to clean, you won’t have to break them down to clean them. The pots and pans are less likely to collect greasy byproducts from gas cooking if you use Induction pots and pans.
  • You can use the induction pots and pans on electric or gas stoves.
  • Induction cookware uses aluminum, copper and steel layering them together calling it cladding.

Induction cooking is not new; it’s been around many years. But since it is in such high demand the price has dropped to affordable and anyone can afford a good set.
Only buy the pots that state they are induction ready. If you need to know if it will work on an Induction stove put a magnet on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks then your chances of it being used on an Induction stove are good.
With all the cookware on the market today, it’s not easy choosing the right set. Pick the one you like that is in your budget, make sure it is dishwasher safe and says that it is induction ready.