cleaning stainless steel cookware

how to clean stainless steel cookware
cleaning stainless steel Cookware

cleaning stainless steel Cookware

Clean stainless steel cookware is very simple

If it has been cleared immediately, it will not appear any leftovers and will not arise any problems.Some people are slow to clean up the leftovers, which makes cleaning difficult and needs a long time.if you wash pots directly after eating, It will be easier to clean and will provide time.

The first method

Boiled water
how to clean stainless steel cookware
stainless steel cookware
Put boiled water in Stainless steel cookware
Then put some salt or soda into the cookware.
Rubbing salt into cookware by a piece of cloth or kitchen sponge
And make sure you have moved the cloth in all over the cookware and don’t leave part of it without rubbing.
This will help remove food debris and grease.

The second method
By using a
clean  stainless steel cookware
stainless steel cookware

Put vinegar in cookware.
Then clean the cookware with kitchen sponge.
Move the kitchen sponge into cookware well.
Vinegar will remove grease and oil from cookware.
Then Wash cookware with warm water
.Cookware will return clean and shine like new

Third method
 Using lemon juice

Like what we did with the vinegar .
put lemon juice into the cookware and then move the juice by the kitchen sponge Then
wash it with water.